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Name:Fic eBooks
Posting Access:Anybody
Community description:Making, sharing, and discussing fan fiction for ereaders
Fic eBooks ([community profile] ficbooks) is a community for anyone interested in reading, sharing, creating, or otherwise discussing fan fiction in various ebook formats. You do not have to be a member of the community to post; however, viewing some posts may require membership.

Types of posts welcome in this community include:
  • Tips, resources, and tutorials to help others format and share fic ebooks.
  • Questions about or requests for help with formatting your fic as an ebook.
  • Recommendations of fic available in ebook format.
  • Sharing ebooks of your own fic, or ebooks you have made of others' fic (with their permission).
As long as your post relates to ebooks or ereaders and uses the words "fan fiction," it probably belongs here. General discussion of ereaders and ebooks should be directed to [community profile] ebooks.

If you are posting a fic ebook download or rec, please use the following template, which you can copy the HTML for below:
Fandom(s): Use full titles.
Characters and/or Relationships: Use full names.

Warnings: Required for extreme violence, major character death, rape (non-con), and graphic sex involving a character under 18.

Notes: Optional.
Rec: If posting a rec, include a sentence or two explaining your recommendation.

Download(s): Format X (Size) | Format Y (Size) -OR- Formats X and Y available here
You're welcome to include cover art in your post, provided it is resized to under 450 pixels in width and height. For warnings, skipable, highlight-to-read style warnings are acceptable. Disclaimers are assumed to be present within the fic ebook itself.

Looking for somewhere to upload your fic ebook? Try, DivShare, or Dropbox.

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ebooks, ereaders, fan fiction, fpf, reading fic away from the computer, rpf
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